Spring Fling BBQ

Teachers and students who plan to attend,

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The Key to Choosing the Right Career

Marchman Technical College has a Career Specialist who can help you answer the question:

      “What career is right for me?”

Kim Dunn can be contacted at 727-774-1700 for an appointment.  She can help you explore your areas of strength, provide a tour of our campus, and answer your questions to help you make an informed decision about your future.

For more helpful tips about making this decision, check out this article from the Harvard Business Review, The Key to Choosing the Right Career.

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Region 4 Skills USA Winners

Congratulations Marchman students!

Contestant Summary for Marchman Technical College
Florida Region 4 SkillsUSA Conference

Gold: 11
Silver: 10
Bronze: 8

Automotive Service Technology-High School
Arnold, Jayden -Gold

Marine Service Technology-College
Atwood, Landon-Bronze

Digital Cinema Production -High School
Bodnar, Isabella -Gold

Marine Service Technology-High School
Bogdan, Nicholas-Gold

Information Technology Services-College
Bombaj, Kristjana -Silver

Automotive Service Technology- High School
Bullard, Hayden -Silver

Commercial Baking – College
Ciancimino, John-Bronze

Electrical Construction Wiring- High School
Cybula, Brandon-Bronze

Information Technology Services-High School
Fernandez, Leo- Silver

Advertising Design – College
Goss, Kathryn-Gold

Digital Cinema Production-High School
Hektoen, Jake-Gold

Marine Service Technology-College
Holt, William-Gold

Advertising Design- High School
Huyck, Ben -Bronze

Information Technology Services-High School
Kette, Allyn -Gold

Cosmetology-High School
Klingensmith, Riley -Silver

Electrical Construction Wiring -High School
Leach, Ryan -Silver

Information Technology Services-College
Lugo, Paul-Gold

Advertising Design-College
McGrail, Michael-Silver

Electrical Construction Wiring-College
McWilliams, Devin-Bronze

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning-High School
Neri, Anthony-Gold

Marine Service Technology-College
Ortiz, Joshua -Silver

Advertising Design-High School
Ramirez, Shannen-Silver

Electrical Construction Wiring-College
Saxon, Brandon- Gold

Automotive Service Technology-High School
Schwader, Jason-Bronze

Automotive Service Technology-College
Sutphin, Matthew- Silver

Culinary Arts – High School
Vecsey, Brooke -Bronze

Advertising Design-College
Wolfe, Ryan -Bronze

Advertising Design-High School
Wynne, Alix-Gold

Electrical Construction Wiring -College
Zupancic, Anthony-Silver

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Marchman Tip of the Day

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Tampa Bay Students Find Apprenticeship Programs A Good Option

Are you interested in finding a career or apprenticeship program?  Are you aware of all the educational options that available to the high school graduating Class of 2017?

Marchman Technical College offers a variety of technical education programs.  Contact 727-774-1700 for more information.  You can schedule an appointment with the Career Specialist and take a campus tour to help you make the best decision for your future.

Take a minute to read this article to help you start thinking and exploring your options.

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Not just college: Technical education as a pathway to the middle class

Are you looking for upward social mobility into the middle class?  Check out this article for how technical education can help you change your life.  

Article excerpt: 

“High-quality career and technical education (CTE) programs, culminating in industry-recognized post-secondary credentials, have great promise in engaging students, helping them succeed academically, boosting college completion rates, and brightening career prospects. By age 20, graduates of such programs have academic credentials, technical credentials, and work experience—and, usually, well-paying jobs.”

Marchman Technical College can help you achieve your goals.  The Fall semester starts August 14, 2017.  Contact us at 727-774-1700 for more information or visit www.fkmtc.edu to explore our programs. 


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Marchman Technical College Tip of the Day

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