Academic Coaching and Engagement
for High School Students

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One of the student services departments at MTC is Academic Coaching and Engagement.  Through this department, students have access to academic and advising support, graduation coaching, and career planning to ensure high school students’ overall education success.  We work hand-in-hand with our high schoolers to make sure that they are meeting graduation requirements.  Students can also explore career options with our office.  Some resources available to our students include:


24 Credit Graduation Requirements for Florida

Career Exploration

Library Resources

MyPascoConnect Portal
MyStudent Access Directions for Students
Access Directions for Parents
How to Calculate Attendance Percentage

While these are just a few of the services that we offer, there are many more that are available through our Academic Coaching department.  Contact us today for more information.

Student Support Staff

Jen Warren

Graduation Enhancement Coach

Building 01, Room 01-019

(727) 774-1816

Contact Ms. Warren


Kim Dunn

Admissions Advisor 

Building 1, Room 01-004

(727) 774-1703


Nicole Graziano

Certified School Counselor

Building 1, Room 01-028

(727) 774-1718


Marlene Weinert

Accessibility Services Coordinator

Building 01, 01-040

(727) 774-1731


Stacie Reinhart

Career Placement Coordinator

Building 01, 01-040

(727) 774-1710



Rob Aguis, Director

Building 1, Administration


Alicia Leary, Assistant Director

Building 1, Administration


Thomas Brochu, Assistant Director

Building 1, Administration