Commercial Art Technology

Graphic Designer At Work. Color Samples.

 Commercial Art Technology

Mr. Orlando Saavedra, Instructor

Associate of Science Degree in Advertising, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

28+ Years In-Field Experience

Building 3, Room 03-016


Program Description

Commercial Art Technology is designed to assist students in acquiring the skills and knowledge for employment in the vast field of commercial art. Many commercial artists are employed by the advertising and publishing industries. Additionally, organizations such as retail stores, computer graphic departments, and government agencies employ commercial artists for in-house advertising and related activities.


Adobe Photoshop Certified Associate Test

College Credit Award

Program completers may receive articulated credit toward an aligned certificate, A.A.S. or A.S. degree program at participating institutions in the Tampa Bay Career Pathways Consortium. Details may be obtained from the Career Specialist and/or Guidance Counselor.

Career Information

Possible direct entry careers after high school: Commercial artist assistant, newspaper, print shop

Possible careers after two years of post-secondary and/or on-the-job training: Commercial artist, supervisor, business owner, computer graphic artist, layout and mechanical artist, animator, book designer 

Possible careers after a four-year university degree: Commercial art teacher, business owner, engineering technician, digital art, video game designer

Basic Skills Exit Requirements

TABE Math Level 9 TABE Language Level 9 TABE Reading Level 9

In order to be a program completer, some students must meet minimum math, language, and reading achievement level exit standards on the TABE, unless otherwise exempt, as established by the Florida

Department of Education

Additional information can be found on Page 5 of the MTC Catalog and/or obtained from the Office for Adult Technical Education.


Business attire that is typical of this trade will be required. Uniform shirts are included in the fees and will benordered after class begins. Clothing will be in compliance with the Pasco County Schools dress code and will be strictly enforced.


Information regarding supplies required for this program will be discussed in detail during the first week of class.