When we return from the holiday break, please be advised that our adult schedule of classes will now start at 8:20am and end at 2:00pm, with lunch scheduled 10:50-11:30am. The schedules for Cosmetology and Patient Care Technician will not change.
Our high school class times will change to coincide with the new times. High School 9th/10th Cosmetology will be scheduled from 11:24 – 12:14 and all other 9th/10th classes will be scheduled 2:12 – 3:02. KTECH has posted this information on their schedule.
Our goal is to support all students in their pursuit of technical training. Our technical program instructors’ schedules will now be 7:15am-3:15pm, with our front office remaining open 7am-4pm daily and evening hours on Tuesday and Thursday.