Phoenix Ambassador Program

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The purpose of the Phoenix Ambassador Program is to support, train and encourage students to become leaders on campus and beyond.  The goal of the program is to help students develop employability strengths and skills for personal and professional success.

The program is a great way to meet new people, improve communication skills, learn about school operations and get connected to activities on campus.

At, the end of the program students will be recognized during a celebration in their honor, receive a certificate and be recognized at the graduation ceremony.  They will also have attained excellent experience in interpersonal and leadership skills that will impress prospective employers.

Participating in the Phoenix Ambassador Program is a big commitment and responsibility.  Students must make satisfactory academic progress and attendance in their program, have no corrective actions and be recommended by their instructor.  Students who do not meet the requirements for participation may be dismissed from the Phoenix Ambassador Program.


Phoenix Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Assist with campus student and group tours
  • Assist with off campus career fairs
  • Meet, greet and assist guests for campus events
  • Plan and participate in community projects
  • Provide feedback and ideas to improve the program
  • Train peers to assist with tours and develop future membership
  • Participate on School Advisory Committee


Nicole Graziano

Certified School Counselor

Building 1, Room 01-028

(727) 860-7056

Contact Ms. Graziano


Kim Dunn

Admissions Advisor 

Building 1, Room 01-004

(727) 774-1703