Adult General Education / Adults With Disabilities

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Program Overview:

The Adults with Disabilities program offers specialized adult general education, vocational, and work-related skills training. It aims to provide instruction in literacy, work-related skills, and life skills, enabling students to participate in work and community activities.

The program encompasses selected competencies from various areas, including adult general education, vocational training, and exceptional student education. The curriculum is designed to cater to a wide range of functioning abilities, ensuring that individual needs are met.

By combining academic instruction with practical skills training, the program empowers individuals with disabilities to enhance their overall independence, employment prospects, and community integration.



Enrollment Requirements for the Adults with Disabilities Program at Fred. K. Marchman Technical College


Step 1:

Submit Request for Enrollment Form

To begin the enrollment process, interested individuals must first submit a request for enrollment form.


Step 2:

Schedule a Meeting with the Instructor and the Marchman Team

Once the request for enrollment form is received, the program’s instructor will review the application and schedule a meeting between the prospective student, caregiver(s), the instructor and the Marchman team. This meeting will allow the instructor and he team to assess the student’s needs, capabilities, and determine if the program is a suitable fit.


Step 3:

Spend 1 Day in the Classroom

As part of the assessment process, the prospective student will be invited to spend one day in the classroom. This visit will provide an opportunity for the student to experience the learning environment and for the instructor and team to observe the student’s interaction and engagement with the program activities.


Step 4:

Demonstrate Independence and Capabilities

To be eligible for enrollment, the prospective student must demonstrate a certain level of independence. This includes being able to use the restroom on their own, come to and from class without supervision, and eat lunch unattended. These requirements ensure that the student can actively participate in the program without continuous assistance.


Step 5:

Acceptance into the Program

After the assessment and observation period, the instructor and team will review the student’s performance and determine their eligibility for the program. If accepted, the student will receive an acceptance notification along with the application link to proceed with enrollment.


Step 6:

Application and Fee

Upon acceptance, the student must complete the official application form provided by the instructor. The application may include personal details, emergency contacts, and any additional information required for administrative purposes. Additionally, there is a $31.20 application fee per semester.

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Program Instructors

Kimberly Taylor, Adult General Education / Adults with Disabilities Teacher

Building 7, Room 07-016