Underage GED Program

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Program Overview

The Underage GED® program offers a variety of classes that will allow us to partner with you in your educational and career goals. Upon successful completion of our GED® program you will be awarded the State of Florida High School Diploma.  This diploma will enable you to transfer to many technical schools and a number of two & four-year college institutions.  You must be withdrawn from high school prior to entry into this program.  Payments and registration must be completed prior to classes.

The following areas are covered for the GED® test:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science


  • At least 16 years of age
  • Formally withdrawn from a regular high school program
  • Obtain a minimum of 9.0 grade equivalent on the TABE (D or A level)

You will also have the opportunity to complete your Transition Portfolio as you plan for your future upon obtaining your State of Florida High School Diploma:

  • Complete career interest survey(s)
  • Be introduced to applications for scholarships and scholarship essays
  • Be introduced and begin the process to file for Federal financial aid
  • Complete a job application, work resume, and cover letter
  • Review interview skills
  • Visit a college and/or trade school and have the opportunity to take the college placement test.

Prospective students must attend a GED workshop before being permitted to schedule the TABE test.  More information can be found on our GED Information page.  For more information please contact Pamela Davis at 727.774.1865 or pdavis@pasco.k12.fl.us.

NON-REFUNDABLE TUITION is $30. You may pay by personal check (with printed address and phone number), money order or credit card.  Please note there is a 3% convenience fee to pay by credit card.

Important Links

Program Instructor

Lori Steele,  Underage Completion Program and ESOL Academics


Building 5, Room 05-017


GED Resource Teacher

Andy Turner




Important Dates and Deadlines

August 10:  Deadline for submission of all registration paperwork for quarter 1 classes

August 14:  First day of quarter 1 classes

October 12:  Deadline for submission of all registration paperwork for quarter 2 classes

October 17:  First day of quarter 2 classes

December 21:  Deadline for submission of all registration paperwork for quarter 3 classes

January 9:  First day of quarter 3 classes

March 15:  Deadline for submission of all registration paperwork for quarter 4 classes

March 26:  First day of quarter 4 classes